How to measure rubber tracks

In this post we explain how to measure rubber tracks and to understand which are the correct ones for your machine model in three simple steps. First some tips on rubber tracks and their features.


Rubber tracks: how are they made?

Rubber tracks are made of a compound of natural and synthetic rubber added with anti-abrasive chemical agents to reduce the percentage of wear due to rubbing on particular abrasive or compact surfaces. Inside the rubber track you can see the real “soul” of the track: the continuous steel cords and the metal inserts (also called links).

The quality of the rubber compound, the diameter and the steel cords number of wraps and the steel composition used to produce the links, make the difference!


How to identify the rubber tracks size?

To identify the rubber tracks size you should follow these three simple steps:

  1. Take the width of the rubber tracks in millimetres = first dimension i.e. 230 mm
  2. Gauge the distance between the centre of the link and the centre of the following link = second dimension i.e. 96 mm
  3. Count the links number (teeth) = third dimension i.e. 33

The a.m. three elements give you the complete size of the rubber track that your machine is fitting: in this case it is a 230x96x33.


Minitop online catalogue

There is another possibility to verify which one is the correct rubber track size for your machine: you can just click on “Search your rubber tracks”. In this brand-new tool, you can find more than 6000 different rubber tracks applications from minidumpers to 8 tons excavators. You can just write the machine brand and find your exact model or see the list of all models available on that brand.

It is very simple and user-friendly, but in case you should have any concern, do not hesitate to contact our sales team to get free advice on the application, technical information and address you to the closest dealer in your area.

You can write to info@minitop.it or visit our Contacts page.

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