TYRES FOR SKID STEER LOADERS – discover the range

Gruppo Minitop, relying on its over twenty years of experience, can offer customers a range of tyres for skid steer loaders


Which one


Widely used in the United States, they are usually referred to as Bobcat-type skid steer loaders, associating the Bobcat brand to this type of machineries. The American company is a leader in this sector, but there are many other brands that produce skid steer loaders. Other famous brands, apart for  Bobcat, are Caterpillar, Takeuchi and Komatsu.


Tyres for skid steer loaders


In this scenario Minitop is a reliable supplier of tyres for skid steer loaders. Minitop provides a free online catalogue to illustrate the range of tyres for skid steer loaders with its brand. To check the range, just click here


Best Seller


Among the various available models, the M060T tyres  – 10×16.5 PR10 are definitely one of our best-sellers. The MT tyre is the most common on these machines and the most suitable for standard use. This tread has a thicker sidewall and  of the area beside the rim for longer life, while the directional and self-cleaning tread pattern provides more traction.


The Range


The Minitop range of tyres for skid steer loaders includes four different treads that can be chosen according to the usage needed.


MT: standard tread for quality and technical features, perfect for the most common uses.


MTA: deep, non-directional tread to ensure better performance on all types of terrain


MHW: directional tread with considerable depth that offers greater resistance to usage and punctures


MHC: The tread profile grants maximum contact with the terrain surface and provides stability. Suitable for hard terrain.




For information and advice on the most suitable tyre for your job, please contact our sales consultants on +390121349156 or by email to info@minitop.it